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How to send money to a UnionPay card

Sending money to family and friends in China is easy with MoneyExpress.

As a MoneySwap account holder, you can send money directly to a UnionPay card using MoneyExpress in six easy steps:
(See FAQ for list of supported banks and card types.)

  • > Step 1
  • Go to and login with your account.

  • > Step 2
  • Click Manage Recipients under the Remit to China menu. Add the details of the UnionPay card that you want to send money to.

  • > Step 3
  • Select the newly added card and click the Confirm Card button. You will receive a confirmation email to confirm the UnionPay card.

  • > Step 4
  • Click Send Money under the Remit to China menu. Select a UnionPay card to send money to. MoneySwap allows you to:
    a) choose your e-wallet currency and input the amount you want to send, or
    b) specify an amount in RMB that the card will receive.

  • > Step 5
  • You will know the exact amount of RMB that will be credited to the Recipient UnionPay Card. You will be asked to confirm the remittance details before the money is sent.

  • > Step 6
  • Input your password again to confirm remittance. Crediting of the UnionPay card is directly in RMB and is instant. MoneySwap will provide you with all the remittance details in a summary page.

    With MoneySwap MoneyExpress, you can send RMB directly to your family and friends in China and be sure that they get the money instantly.