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Currency Exchange
Currency Exchange

  • MoneySwap enables users to buy and sell foreign currencies with each other.

  • The users simply determine the rates and amounts to buy or sell and MoneySwap matches the orders and completes the transactions. If there are no matching buyers or sellers then MoneySwap becomes the market maker to complete the transaction.

  • MoneySwap offers all the major currencies such as the USD, CDN, EURO, GBP and a number of Asian currencies including the Chinese Yuan (offshore). Once a new user registers with MoneySwap, they are assigned a multi currency account.
No Debt Risk

  • MoneySwap users pay or transfer funds from their account to another user's account in any of the currencies supported.

  • Examples: Businesses pay invoices on the day they are due and in the currency required; travel agents quickly prepay hotel rooms; employee salaries are paid by multi-national companies and parents top up their son’s or daughter’s prepaid cards.

  • Transaction and balance reports are available online.

  • Saves time, reduces costs and is available on a 24/7 basis.
Wire Transfers
Secure and Confidential

  • MoneySwap users wire funds to banks anywhere in the world.

  • Users provide wire instructions online and MoneySwap’s
    SWIFT gateway does the rest.
No Debt Risk
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Pay in Funds
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2. Telegraphic transfer
3. UnionPay cards
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